Hello Bikkers, today we have to talk about ecological transport and why in Bikko we bet on it. In recent years we have seen how the number of users using this type of transport has grown exponentially. It is undeniable that these types of vehicles are the future alternative to mobility and urban transport, because thanks to them the emission of harmful gases to the planet is greatly reduced and they are easy to use, ideal for short / medium displacements.

Many cities are investing in this type of transport. For example, the municipal bicycle service of Castellón increased its mobile park by 142 bicycles during the year 2018 and has managed to double the number of users compared to 2005, reaching the peak of 7143 active users (most with annual subscription). In order to improve service coverage, a total of 36 new anchor points have been enabled in order to strengthen the high demand for this service.

Active users municipal service of bicycles of Castellón (2019)

In Madrid, applications for approval to install shared electric scooters represent 8% of all requests made to the city council. Unlike the bicycles we have talked about before, these scooters do not have anchor posts, but rather the user leaves them in any of the enabled areas that exist. This is not a problem since companies must move their fleets daily so that at the beginning of the day the scooters are distributed in the authorized way. There are thousands of scooters that have been authorized for deployment in Madrid, 310 in the center, 166 in the Retreat, 982 in Vallecas, 465 in the Latina… One fundamental requirement to provide this service is the geolocation of the vehicle and an app Check that the start and end point of the route is carried out in enabled areas (Bikko complies with this 😊).


The boom in electric and sustainable vehicles has arrived, and what do you gain if you join? On the one hand there is the obvious fact that you help the planet, since it is a vehicle that does not pollute and is a great alternative to cars or motorcycles, especially for transport within cities. On the other hand, it can also be a physical exercise if we take a bike every day to go to work or university.

Now we will explain these benefits in more depth, since it seems to us a type of transport that is on the rise and that can continue to grow in the near future. One of the greatest benefits that we find in the use of these vehicles is the fact of transporting you in large urban centers such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, where in the central areas many traffic jams and difficulties are created when parking that can Bringing late to class, work or an appointment. This problem has a possible solution if we use sustainable vehicles, since by bike or electric scooter we remove that parking problem and several traffic congestion problems.

We will now explain a benefit that we find by observing how many people came to the University of Alicante, where we studied. We saw that many of our classmates who live in San Vicente, but at a considerable distance from the university, came on a scooter which they folded and left aside in class without disturbing. We think it is a cheaper way to get around smaller urban centers than to take a car, since a car, no matter how cheap, costs more than a scooter, and you also need a driving license, insurance and so on, so the Cost for a student without income is more acceptable than that of a car with all its expenses.

Obviously, the best known benefit is the fact that they are vehicles that reduce pollution, since they are electric or directly go pedaling like the bike. This is based on the fact that more and more people want to put their grain of sand to try to stop the contamination.

Here you have a small comparison between the electric scooter and the electric bike that we found curious: electric scooters vs electric bicycles

Sustainable transport in the business field

Sustainable transport is not only to transport you from your home to the soccer field, it has been evolving and has been incorporated as a work vehicle in numerous jobs. This change has been seen very noticeably in the package delivery industry, especially within a city.

Several companies in the sector of shipping and collecting packages, and the like, have chosen to incorporate these vehicles into their fleets, as they are a good alternative to large vans, which often cannot make a fast delivery even are a few kilometers from the destination . It has been seen that with these vehicles you can reach faster and more sites.


Transportation companies have chosen to incorporate sustainable vehicles after seeing several of their benefits

Obviously these vehicles cannot transport the same number of packages as a van or truck, but for small or short distance shipments it has been seen to be a great solution. Every day there are numerous food delivery people going home in this type of transport.

In our EQUX startup we are working on a project, called Bikko, which is based on the use of electric vehicles, such as the scooter and the bicycle, as a form of urban transport. Here you can find more information about EQUX and Bikko: Introducing EQUX start-up and Bikko: Everything about EQUX’s PBL