Hi Bikkers! We bring new news regarding our BPL project and its future in the medium-short term. After several planning and decision-making meetings, today we tell you some interesting news.

After moving forward these first two months of 2020 on issues of Bikko authentication and chatbot, we set to work in the creation of our new Landing Page, a homepage located as the main page on our server, which reports on our project, how to join and other things that we will explain below.

Bikko's new Landing Page

Our landing has a fairly simple and intuitive design, it is based on a single main page (the contact form is on another page only), where we find information about us, about BikkoApp and information for companies that may want to join our project.


In this image we see the first thing that appears when entering our page, a bar with Start, About, About BikkoApp, Companies and Contact, from this bar we can navigate to the different sections of the page at any time since it is kept in the part top of the screen even if we go down. We also found a Business Access button that takes us directly to the Companies login form.


The next section shows three strokes of everything that is BikkoApp, in this way we think that it is synthesized quite well that our application provides, the possibility of having several vehicles in it, the great advantage of having a single application for all cities at that you go and finally, we highlight its easy and intuitive use.


Another of the important sections of our landing, is this one that shows an image of the application and three favorable points to use it for users, these are the possibility of renting several types of vehicle (you can find bikes, scooters … ), the fact of being able to filter by various parameters such as valuation or price, and the fact of being able to contact companies to indicate incidents with their vehicles.

Other sections of the page are: a section with three benefits for companies, so that they decide to hire our services; a section with comments made by our users and the assessment that will change every x time as we gain users; a section with the download links of GooglePlay and AppleStore, obviously both not working right now; and finally, a small footer with links to social networks, and to the various links found on the page.

BikkoApp, a mobile webApp

After conversations with some teachers, and being something we had more or less planned, the BikkoApp application will be only a mobile application, that is, users will use it from a mobile device, since this is where our application finds its functionality, to search for vehicles nearby, scan the qr code of the bike …

This will be implemented and we are already designing the visual part of the application focusing on making it as mobile-ready as possible.

Business employees and administrators of the application will have access from computers as they access administration and information panels other than the app’s own interface.

Thanks for reading Bikkers and see you next time!


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