Hello Bikkers, last Friday, the 10th, the presentations of Milestone 1 of the ABP groups of both Content Management and Digital Entertainment took place, with this approximately reaching the midpoint of the development of our ABP products. In this post, we contacted a bit of our presentation and some small conclusions about these project months.

The presentation

Last Friday was the day for the presentations of the groups, first we would make our presentations the Content Management groups and later the Digital Entertainment groups. The presentations were broadcast live in order to be seen both at the time, and later re-discovered.

The presentation was divided mainly into two parts, a first part of the presentation of the project, where it arises, which are the target users, architecture of the api, conclusions and others, and a second part making a small demo of the project developed so far , which showed a login as a user and a login as a company administrator, in this administrator panel we saw some important metrics for companies.

Diapositiva donde explicamos los motivos por los que surge Bikko.

After the demo, we show a roadmap of our project leaving the future open after its delivery, waiting to decide whether to continue with the project in the future or not when this course ends. And also, we have some small conclusions that in the next section of this post we will extend a little more.

Hoja de ruta del proyecto Bikko

Conclusions of the project in the middle of development

In the first place, the clearest conclusion we have obtained is how little the work behind is seen, that is, we in the presentation show a half-way application, which at this point seems to not have much work, but not at all Thus, it has many months of project planning, database and api design, conflicts, learning of new technologies, server configuration, errors and much learning and enthusiasm.

Diapositiva sobre las conclusiones y el pequeño resultado final ante todo el trabajo que hay detrás.

This was one of the slides that we included in the presentation in which it was seen in a very graphic way what we just explained, the final result seems very scarce compared to all the work behind it.

Even so, we are very happy with the result obtained so far, having fulfilled most of the objectives that we had set, we have managed to have a fairly complete API, a database that allows us to access all fields without queries that they could spend excessive resources, an operational chatbot, a lot of development and activity in social networks, and a momentary front-end connected to the api and the database. Still there have been various complications that we tell you below.


The development of the project has not been easy. We had some complications, including redoing part of the database design and making numerous changes to the API after meeting with our ABP tutor, who gave us a point of view that we had not contemplated. Thanks to this we now have a much more solid project. The use of new technologies that we did not completely dominate has also been a challenge, but with effort we have managed to adapt and work without problems with them.


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