What is Bikko?

Bikko is a web service aimed at providing new companies with a sustainable vehicle rental management system and, at the same time, unifying the different platforms of the sector into one, thus facilitating its use to users.

Bikko is our final career project, it will be fully developed by EQUX, start-up that we already talked about in our previous entry https://bikko.ovh/equx/en/presentacion-start-up-equx/ in all aspects, both the backend, frontend and corporate website, social networks …

For Bikko programming we are using the MEAN technologies (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node) of which we will talk more in depth in future posts.

Bikko began to develop in September although the idea emerged in early June. At the beginning we had two ideas, Bikko and another application designed to facilitate meetings between users to practice collective sports. After much thought and after a meeting with the PBL coordinator we decided to embark on the adventure of Bikko.

Why Bikko?

Bikko arose from a problem that all consumers of sustainable vehicles suffer to move around the city. We refer to the high variety of applications you need to be able to move freely around a place. In most cases it is necessary to install 2-3 applications from different companies to be able to circulate, which, apart from being a nuisance to users due to the need to constantly download new applications, makes there are countless different ways of using A basic service, making the whole process very cumbersome.

With Bikko, we unify all the companies on our platform in one application, unifying services and preventing users from collapsing their phones with a multitude of applications.

In turn, Bikko provides the management system for the entire mobile park of a company or person. With just a few clicks our customers will have their entire fleet of sustainable vehicles available in our ecosystem and available to all our users.

Who is Bikko's target audience?


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Bikko is aimed at all those people who prefer to opt for fast, easy to use and sustainable transport. It can be used by students to go to university, parents to go to work, elderly people for a walk or even tourists to visit the city.

In order to use Bikko, you do not need any driver’s license, simply with the identity card that proves that the user is of legal age, you can already use the vehicles of our mobile park.

In short, Bikko is aimed primarily at people who do not have a vehicle or want to play sports, and people with environmental awareness, since they are electric vehicles.

How will be Bikko?


Many of you may wonder how Bikko will work. We want its use to be as simple as possible, both for the user and for the client. As a user, just register and insert a small amount into your wallet to start using the application.

Next we will show some of the mock-ups that we did before starting the development of the application which will give a slight idea of how the app will be.


Renting a vehicle will be as easily as select one of our available vehicles and confirm. You will see a screen where shows the current distance, time elapsed during the journey and the amount you have the pay. Last, once you have finished your journey you can report an incidence if it’s suitable.

For the client, we also try to make it as simple as possible. You will have a control panel with a summary about your business. You can manage all aspects of your company, such as: register vehicles, check their geolocation, management of your finances and rates, see the incidents that have occurred with your vehicles, routes made… You can also create different types of employees with certain Permits (for example, maintenance users who should only have the function of checking the status of a vehicle, in case it needs to be repaired.

Business Model

In our business model we must first distinguish between client and user. The client is the company that puts the vehicles, that is, who rides a mobile park, and the user is the one who uses those vehicles.

Our model is based on a chain that starts with the user, when one of our users use a vehicle of our platform, he must pay the amount indicated at the end of the trip, which will depend on the price entered by the client and the jurney time. All benefits will go to the company responsible for each vehicle. We charge a monthly fee for each vehicle that the company discharges into our system.

With this model, we all benefit. Users, customers and us.


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