What is EQUX?

EQUX is a start-up formed by Multimedia Engineering students at the University of Alicante. We are developing our PBL project: Bikko, related to the management of the mobile park of shared vehicles.

Hello, we are EQUX, a multimedia development start-up and in this first post we will present who we are and what BPL project we are going to carry out throughout the year.

The team members are: Pablo Amorós Becerra, Sergio Bañuls Martínez, Héctor Durá Clement, Mauricio Morant Torregrosa, Javier Pegenaute Zudaire and Javier Ramírez de la Cal. We are all fourth year students in Multimedia Engineering and we are going to develop an BPL project in the Content Management branch.

Since the beginning of the degree, we have worked together on different projects, either all together or separately in different groups. The first project we carried out together was for the subject of Video Game Fundamentals, in which we created Guns & Ducks a game developed in C ++ with the SFML library.

guns and ducks

In this project we really learned to work as a team, divide tasks. We obtained a good result which encouraged us to maintain this group for the next PBL project.

What is PBL metodology?

In the fourth year of our degree, the PBL methodology (Project Based Learning) is followed. We had two options to develop our project, the entertainment branch, and the content management branch. Although the development of Guns and Ducks was fun, we opted for the content management branch since we were interested in knowing the web technologies in depth.

The PBL is divided into 4 milestones that in turn are made up of different iterations. For each milestone, a series of objectives are specified. To monitor the development of these objectives we use Trello together with Toggl, two tools that we use to plan the milestones and measure the time we use for each task.

trello abp

The itinerary consists of 7 subjects, 2 required and 5 optional. In this first four-month period we will study Multimedia Projects (where the development of the project is planned and reviewed), Design of Internet Based Multimedia Systems (where the project infrastructure is developed), Broadcasting of Multimedia Systems (where we apply the SEO strategy and manage the social networks) and E-learning (where we develop the chatbot that we will integrate in our app). In the second quarter we will study Advanced Multimedia Systems, Advanced Graphics and Multimedia Business Techniques, we will talk about these in future posts.

What will our PBL project be about?

Our project is Bikko, a web service aimed at providing new companies with a sustainable vehicle rental management system and unifying the different existing industry platforms in a single app.

So far, we have created part of Bikko’s backend, the corporate website and the different social networks of the project. If you want to be aware of progress you can follow us below. See you soon Bikkers!


Quantum Five ABP · 8 November, 2019 at 11:13 am

Mucha suerte con el proyecto!

    Equx · 8 November, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Muchas gracias. Os deseamos la misma suerte en vuestro proyecto 💪.

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